iLife Anion Anti-Bacteria Sanitary Pad 10pc


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  1. It avoids irritation and tingling
  2. Expels terrible stench
  3. It contains anion strip to avoid disease
  4. Treatment of gynecological infections


iLife Sanitary Napkins is a cotton based cushion that diminishes menstrual issues during monthly cycle, contains anion strip that treats vaginal diseases.

iLife Sanitary Pad is made to ease the monthly discomfort of women as it takes care of menstrual cramps . It is cost effective because it is dry & odour free all day you only need 1 pad a day compared to others . It has 8 layers of protection designed for dry feel as each napkin has the capacity to absorb 250 ml of liquid and still remains dry! It helps prevents women’s problems such as itchiness, sensitive lower back pain, instability, urinary tract diseases & others.

Negative ion silver magnetic Day Pad No fluorescent agent, No softening agent, No fragrance, Soft and breathable Anti-bacteria Strong absorbent

  • Length: 24.5cm
  • Pack Size: 10 pcs
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Grade: Qualified

Products Material: 100% cotton on surface, super soft and dust-free tissue, breatable film Consist of 8 layers Sweet care during menstruation Free movement without worrying A botanic sanitary napkin with anti-bacteria and smell removal function, equipped with a far-infrared negative ion nanosilver magnetic power core. No fluorescent or compound perfume added.Run as you want!Jump as you like!

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