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Jiggyfest powered by Kray Express” which is reported to us, not to be an annual event in Nigeria, but is out and expected to be a “season ” more like a festive season for the month of April. This festive season is reported to have started from the northern part of Nigeria, Benue state to be precise, and it said to be powered by an Online Nigeria based Ecommerce platform named “Kray Express”.

Kray Express is a Nigeria Based Ecommerce platform with a sole motive of promoting quality products and employing and empowering every buyer to afford more and more on the go. This is possible with the “Kray Express Cashback” feature on the platform; this means every buyer, through this prestigious platform gets certain percent of their purchase cost back into the platform incorporated Wallet account.

From accessing their white book, we learnt that users of this platform are unable to withdraw these shopping rewards down to their local bank accounts per say, but they can sure use them to purchase other products 100%.

They have promised us through their white paper released few days ago that they are to work with certain merchants that would be providing their services at affordable rates, and yet give all customers value back for their money, I don’t think there’s anything better than this for our Nigeria Economy condition.

Now over to the event, Jiggyfest powered by Kray Express is the leading vibe amongst the modern day circle of festival lovers in Nigeria, as an annual festival designed to celebrate culture in its diversity. The Festival reportedly features a celebration of alternative cultures in the form of Entertainment, Networking, Fashion, Art and fashion installation.

The primary aim of the whole Jiggyfest Ting is to rebrand, recreate and tell a new cultural story with an alternative point of view while the vision is to engage and give the participants a firsthand experience of our enrich cultural heritage in a new light while bringing people together both for creative and tourism development in Benue state particularly.

In their second year, The Festival promises to give guests the opportunity to have a fun filled experience, one which won’t be forgotten in a hurry, bringing very new experiences for its attendees. The festival will play host a lot of vendors, keep you all entertained at the event with raffle games, perfect for the young and young at heart, with over 20 food, drink, fashion, art and game vendors. This Event is scheduled for Friday, August 2019, check Details below:

JiggyFest19 is proudly Powered by Kray Express & Powered by sponsored by Makurdi Sheraton hotels, Ark City Grill, O.G Winners, Pixa10 studio, Exodus Cinema, Bur Artletic, Quoliaon Global, Reuvitek, Wetrendit.


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